You can only play this card if your Hero Warlord is “Angelica, The Rogue Princess Of Blades”. Static: All “Rogue” Hero Warriors conscripted from your hand to your side of the field gain (Plunder). Once per turn: You can pay (Bloodbourne 6); roll a 6 sided die and gain the following effect based on the result rolled: 1 – Draw 1 card. 2 – Deal 2 damage to target player’s Warlord. 3 – Destroy 3 cards on the field. 4 – Deal 4 damage divided how you choose to Warriors on the field. 5 – Deal 5 damage to a target Warrior. 6 – (Bestow) +6 Atk to 1 Warrior on the field. You can only control 1 face-up “The Rule Of The Rogue”.