Static: Each time a “Putrid” Undead Warrior is destroyed by a card effect, you can eradicate up to 1 “Putrid” Undead card from your discard pile face-up. Once per turn: You can pay (Bloodbourne 8), and if you do, Manifest up to 4 “Carrion Corpse Flower” Undead Warrior Token (Atk: 1) with (Decay) – (When this Warrior is destroyed, sacrificed, or sent to the discard pile, you can deal 1 damage to a target player’s Warlord). Tf this card is eradicated by the effect of a “Putrid” Undead card, you can pay (Bloodbourne 4), and if you do, eradicate 4 “Putrid” Undead cards from your discard pile face-up.