Special Ability (SA): Doomsday Injection (Cool Down 2 Turns) (Bloodbourne 10) – Destroy 2 “Duxvox” cards on your side of the field. Then, if you do, (Bestow) +2 Physical Attack (PA) to “Duxvox, The Doomsday Abomination”. Magical Attack (MA): Manufacture Doomsday – Manifest up to 2 “Duxvox Doomsday Scorpion” Orc Warrior Tokens (Atk:1) with (Weaponize) – (When this Warrior enters play, you can take control of a Warrior on the field and equip it with this card. The equipped Warrior becomes a “Duxvox” Orc Warrior. This equipped card is treated as a Unified Armament (ARM) card.) Physical Attack (PA): Mechanical Pincer Claw – Deal 1 Damage.