You can only play this card if your Orc Synergy is “Duxvox’s Mobile Doomsday Fortress” Once per turn: You can target 1 equipped “Duxvox Deployable Bomb” with 5 or more Doomsday Counters ‘on it, and remove all remaining Doomsday Counters from it, then if you do, you can reduce the Cool Down (CD) of your Synergy by 1. If this card is in your discard pile, except the turn it was sent there, you can pay (Bloodbourne 20) and eradicate this card face-up, then if you do, you can search your deck for 1 “Duxvox Deployable Bomb”, and 1 other “Duxvox” Orc card, and send the searched cards to the discard pile.